Fyfe Company is the pioneer and global leader in FRP strengthening solutions with their Tyfo® Fibrwrap Systems, established in 1988.

Engineers, Material Scientists, Designers and Technicians are available at no cost to provide effective perliminary structural design consultancy with no obligation.

TYFO® Fibrwrap® Systems are the most rigorously tested Fibre wrap products in the industry. They are compliant with the 2009 IBC (ICC ESR #2103) and have more acceptances including New Zealand's CodeMark™ than any other supplier.

Over 5,000 Fyfe projects have been completed in over 25 countries around the world. Let us know how we might be able to help bring creative Fyfe solutions to your projects.


CMA-CM40044 (Ver. 2)

Now you can specify a FRP system in confidence

The CodeMark™ Certificate of Conformity has been jointly developed by the New Zealand Department of Building and Housing and the Austrailian Building Codes Board. Tyfo® Fibrwrap® Wetlay Systems: SEH-51 A, SCH Systems (41S, 41, 41 2X), WEB, BC, FC, F, PWC, RR, CR, IM, VG, EI-R and S Epoxy, have been Codemark™ Certified, complying with essential sections of the New Zealand Building Code. Codemark also includes a wide range of strict quality controls to ensure certified Tyfo FRP systems will meet durability requirements of a minimum of 50 years as stipulated in the New Zealand Building Code, giving engineers the confidence to specify them.

Why is CodeMark™ important for the FRP industry?

CodeMark™ provides the building owner or specifier confidence that the system is compliant with the New Zealand Building Code; has been tested by an independent evaluation service for its manufacture, design, installation, inspection and durability having an annual audit.

Engineers are becoming more familiar with the advantages of using FRP and usually specify based on proven performance. Unfortunately alternative products are being considered based on design values only. Other important aspects such as manufacture, quality assurance and even credible independent durability testing is not being sought. This is of particular importance when design goals have been based on or around systems like Tyfo® Fibrwrap® using their research, development and testing which is not relevant to other FRP systems. CodeMark™ gives specifier’s and asset owners confidence that the systems with such certification are tried and proven, and this should be a fundamental requirement when enhancing any structure.

Tyfo® FRP Systems

The Tyfo® Fibrwrap® FRP Systems are comprised of specialised fabrics and resins, which in unique combination, create tested and proven composites. Carbon, glass or aramid reinforcing fibres are combined with high quality resins to produce a multitude of high performance FRP strengthening systems, which gives design engineers a wide range of options to meet the individual needs of a project.

Fibrwrap® FRP Systems have a successful performance record with nearly three decades (and two decades in New Zelaand) of use. This includes extensive testing as well as performing as designed during seismic events on three continents.

Tyfo® SEH System

Uni-directional glass composite

Tyfo® SCH System

Uni-directional carbon composite

Tyfo® SAH System

Uni-directional aramid composite

Tyfo® WEB System

Bi-directional glass composite


Tyfo® WAB System

Bi-directional aramid composite


Tyfo® CWEB System

Bi-directional Carbon composite


Tyfo® BC System

Bi-directional glass composite


Tyfo® BCC System

Bi-directional carbon composite


Tyfo® FRB System

Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) reinforcing bars

Tyfo® UC Strip (pre-formed) System

Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) laminate strips