MC-Bauchemie Information

MC-Bauchemie is a world leader in construction chemicals, building rehabilitation and protection systems. Innovation and reliability through rigorous testing has produced high quality products that set the standard in safety without compromising on durability. Since 1961 MC-Bauchemie have thrived in providing solutions to construction’s challenging problems with their unique and extensive range of building rehabilitation and protection products. MC-Bauchemie products were first introduced into New Zealand in 1994 to prevent water infiltration into the prestigious National Library Building in Wellington. Since then MC-Bauchemie products together with their knowledge and industry experience have been utilised by consulting engineers and property owners throughout New Zealand.

Some of these products and systems include:

  • Concrete repair and protection

  • Crack injection and stabilisation systems

  • Dampness prevention, rising damp and scaling systems

  • Protection systems for the potable water and waste industry

  • Bridge jointing systems

  • Industrial flooring systems

MC-Bauchemie supplies reliable and durable products as well as the necessary equipment and training to install them correctly. This is demonstrated by MC-Bauchemie’s commitment to support the IRP training scheme which is run in conjunction with the BZB Institute in Krefeld, Germany. The IRP is the only such independent concrete injection, repair and protection training scheme in the world and ensures that applications are done to high standards of safety and proficiency. The IRP scheme pre-qualifies an individual for the use of specialised products as long as that individual has had annual training. This ensures up to date knowledge on how to apply the latest solutions and systems from MC-Bauchemie.