Nafufill KM 250

The performance spectrum of Nafufill KM 250 not only covers but exceeds standard requirements. With this unique concrete replacement you can achieve a lasting repair for your concrete surfaces, the full restoration of load-bearing capability and full fire protection for the reinforced concrete structural element to be repaired.

Numerous test certifications, national and international approvals and certifications attest to Nafufill KM 250’s high technical performance level and provide you with an absolute degree of security for the execution of a diverse range of repair measures to prevent concrete degredation and concrete spalling.

Whether civil engineering, water structures, building construction or housing: Nafufill KM 250 means lasting security in concrete repairs.

Fire Protection Upgrade

Concrete repairs requiring fire protection such as tunnels. To determine the fire resistance of a material EN 1363-1 stipulates a fire loading test in form of a temperature-time sequence.

This is based on the standard temperature curve (ETK) in accordance with ISO 834.

Concrete Reapir products in use

Nafufill KM 250 is certified as:

  • PCC concrete replacement in accordance with ZTV-ING, Chapter 3 Massivbau [Solid Construction]

  • PCC concrete replacement in accordance with ZTV-W, performance area 219

  • PCC concrete replacement for stress class M 2 in accordance with DAfStb repair guidelines

  • PCC concrete replacement in accordance with DIN EN 1504, Part 3

Nafufill KM 250 Exposure Categories:

XC1 to XC4: Reinforcement corrosion due to carbonation

XD1 to XD3: Reinforcement corrosion from chlorides

XS1 to XS3: Reinforcement corrosion from chlorides from seawater

XF1 to XF4: Concrete corrosion due to frost attack with and without de-icing salts

XW1 to XW2: Water exposure from freshwater or seawater

Products and Application Areas

Product Application Type
Concrete Repair System
Zentrifix KMH Corrosion Protection & Bond Coat
Nafufill KM 250 Course Mortar Repair
Nafufill KM 103 Fairing Plaster
Zentrifix F92 Flexible, Chemical & CO2 Resistant Plaster
Sprayable Coarse Repair Mortars
Nafufill KM 250 Wet Spray Mortar
Nafufill GTS Dry Spray Mortar
Pourable Coarse Repair Mortars
Emcekrete SCC High Performace Self Compacting Concrete
Emcekrete RS Fillable & Fast Setting Grout
Duromer Repair Mortars High Strength & Fast Setting including freezing conditions
MC-DUR 3500 A Rapid Setting High Strength
MC-DUR 3500 F Rapid Setting Fillable
MC-DUR 3500 FA Rapid Setting in Freezing Conditions