Industrial Flooring Systems

A floor is the part of a building that is used the most. The demands on a floor are as varied as the industrial and commercial uses of a building. To ensure the lasting protection of a floor, its coating system has to be matched to suit its particular requirements.
The individual adjustment of the functions and characteristics of a floor coating system provides the solution for any type of use. Furthermore, there is a clear trend towards attractive flooring designs without loss of technical performance. The rising demands and requirements for highly representative areas attributed to the Corporate-Identity-Concept make highly decorative, variable and aesthetic flooring systems a necessity. In addition, environmental and health aspects are of increasing concern in both planning and realisation of projects. It is also necessary to show evidence that product systems meet the European REACh standards.
This information intends to show you design possibilities and potential solutions for your sector and your particular requirements. However, the information is no substitute for an individual consultation. For this reason MC’s specialist advisors are at your disposal from the planning stage right down to the actual execution of the works. We provide you with the highest technical support anywhere in the world and can look back on decades of experience as the technology leader in the area of floor coating systems.

Chemical Flooring in a chemicals facility

Chemical Industry

The Chemical Industry has very specific requirements for flooring systems and MC-Bauchemie has products specifically designed to meet those high standards of safety and protection. To ensure the protection and controlled environments of modern facilities, manufacturing plants need the highest degree of cleanliness, safety and functionality.

Your requirements

  • Protecting the floor from aggressive chemicals
  • Protection from mechanical loading
  • Prevention of electrostatic charging and of risk of explosion
  • Prevention of work accidents, slip resistant properties
  • Attractive design in front-of-house areas open to the public

Our Solution

MC-Bauchemie offers the MC-DUR product range which is chemical resistant against a diverse range of substances and capable of lasting floor protection even in high temperatures. The MC-DUR range also offers antistatic discharge properties to ensure safety when handling critical substances without risk. The epoxy based resin can also be used to repair and protect cracked interior and exterior substrates. Installation and drying can be done quickly in order to reduce the amount of downtime required. A complete surface coating can be installed and ready to use the following day. For more aesthetically pleasing results, MC-DuroDesign, DUR Terrazzo and MC-Durofloor provide more decorative design system. This is perfect for use in laboratories, operational areas or commercial buildings which need to be of superior quality both functionally and visually.

Heavy duty mechanical flooring in factory

Mechanical Industry

Today’s Mechanical Industry has high requirements for flooring due to the heavy loads and chemical properties of these loads. MC-Bauchemie offer coatings to protect against abrasive wear-and-tear from heavy-duty rollers or iron-bar crates. MC Flooring systems can protect against falling debris collisions while also maintaining safety for workers with slip resistant properties.

Your requirements

  • Protecting the floor from wear-and-tear

  • Protection from heavy blows and knocks

  • Prevention of damage from aggressive chemicals

  • Prevention of work accidents, slip resistant properties

Our Solution

Manufacturing, assembly, electroplating and storage areas require internal transportation of heavy goods. This can cause damage to the floor over time due to the highly abrasive rolling or knocking loads. MC-Bauchemie offer the MC-DUR range of products for protecting internal flooring from abrasion as well as providing electrostatic charge protection. This offers protection from electrostatic shock which could be dangerous with the introduction of flammable goods. This range of products allows for the slip-resistance to be adjusted depending on requirements. With rapid setting products from MC-Bauchemie, Installation can be achieved quickly to reduce downtime when modernising, repairing or converting existing structures.

Car park building flooring for vehcials

Multi-storey Car Parks

Multi-storey car parks require good planning and efficient use of space. MC-Bauchemie offer products which help reduce maintenance costs by protecting the high use driven-on surfaces. Bends and areas with ramps require a reliable long lasting protection system. The floor coating systems offer protection of penetrating chlorides, atomised spray, weather impact and the wear of traffic.

Your requirements

  • Prevention of wear-and-tear from traffic load

  • Protection from chlorides entering the substrate

  • Visual design options

  • Protection from the effects of weather

Our Solution

Most areas of a multi-storey car park building can be applied with the MC-DUR 1252 and MC-DUR 2052 UVB products from MC-Bauchemie. The wear-resistance has been used extensively and shown to be efficient and durable in real world application and traffic-ability tests by independent testing authorities have certified the system’s claims. The system’s strengths lie in its impermeable nature which helps to reinforce concrete structures with lasting protection from chlorides. Thickness can be adjusted for increased protection on areas with heavy wear and tear such as ramps or bends. A significant safety advantage is low flammability fire protection.

Deep Freeze Cold Store Flooring for flooring in freezing conditions

Deep Freeze Cold Stores

Deep freeze cold storage poses a specific challenge for flooring systems. MC-Bauchemie’s quality products are suited to the task of repairs in very low conditions while maintaining reliability and protection. The product protects from wear and tear caused by transport systems and impact accidents. This system allows for complete protection to be installed efficiently and without acrylate odour typically associated with this type of installation.

Your requirements

  • Repairs at very low temperatures

  • Goods must not be impaired/damaged by the repair measures

  • No interruption to operations

  • Protecting the floor from wear-and-tear

Our Solution

With MC-DUR 3500 KH a repair system is at hand that allows you to remove damaged spots, break-outs, worn lanes, damaged joints and tracks at very low temperatures quickly and permanently, and above all, without odour and without the need to interrupt operations. Costly housings and partial heating are a thing of the past. Floors that are in good order not only protect the goods, but also protect vehicles from excessive wear-and-tear. And last but not least, reducing the risk of accidents benefits your workers.