ombran System

The ombran system allows for manhole rehabilitation and repair. Attacks from frost and de-icing salts, biogenic sulphuric acids and dynamic stress are responsible for heavy damages to manhole and sewer structures in addition to the aggressive wastewater itself. The reliable repair of such defects poses high demands on engineers, applicators and the product systems used. Only a specifically tailored repair concept and the selection of quality system solutions ensure the success of the repair measure and guarantee a lasting protection of the structures.

Why ombran?

Specialists at MC-Bauchemie develop high-quality system solutions for manhole and sewer rehabilitation and repairs. Specialist advisors assist you on site from the initial damage analysis through to individual planning right down to the execution of the repair. In addition to an area-wide service network ombran offers a complete service package for any kind of repair. Decades of experience have made ombran the leading system in the area of sewer and manhole repair throughout Europe and offers a proven system for use in New Zealand sewer systems.

Ombran products
  1. Lowered manhole frames

    Lowered manhole frames are durably repaired with the innovative manhole frame grouting mortar ombran SVG.

    ombran SVG / ombran SVG rapid

  2. Leaking manhole ring joints

    Leaking manhole ring joints can be waterproofed both against escaping water and infiltrating water with an expansive, rapidly setting ‘plug’ mortar. In manhole constructions subject to dynamic stress an elastic two-component injection sealing using duromer resins is recommended.

    ombran W / Konudur 208 / Konudur 216 / Konudur Kanalinjekt 01

  3. Damaged access ladders

    Defective metal rungs are quickly and permanently set into the manhole wall with rapidly setting repair mortars or a two-component epoxy resin moulding material.

    ombran MHP 15 / Kondur 134 CS

  4. Cracked construction elements

    Water-bearing cracks in manhole constructions are either treated with sealing injection using Konudur Injection Device or are sealed close to the surface with a rapidly curing swellable ‘plug’ mortar.

    ombran W / Konudur 208 / Konudur 216 / Konudur Kanalinjekt 01

  5. Faulty or water- bearing pipe/ liner bonding

    Water-bearing ring spaces between pipes and manhole wall or between hose liner and old pipe are either sealed durably by using a swellable ‘plug’ mortar or by using the Konudur Injection Device. Non-water-bearing areas are bonded with a two-component epoxy resin moulding material.

    ombran W / Konudur Kanalinjekt 01 / Konudur 134 CS

Sewer diagram depicting application areas for Ombran products.
  1. Corroded concrete, exposed reinforcement

    The blasted, exposed reinforcement steel is coated with a mineral corrosion protection. A bond coat is then applied onto the prepared substrate. The damaged area is subsequently repaired with a highly sulphate-resistant mineral mortar.

    Zentrifix KMH /ombran HB/ombran MHP 15 /ombran MHP / ombran MHP with DySc®

  2. Damaged or washed out jointing

    Loose joint mortar, no longer able to be load-bearing must be removed from a washed out joint or from a joint substance damaged by acid attack and is then quickly reworked with a mineral joint mortar that sets rapidly.

    ombran MHP 15

  3. Wide-spread corroded concrete or brickwork

    After appropriate preparation the substrate is coated with a highly sulphate resistant mineral surface protection.

    ombran MHP 15 (pH 3.5 to pH 14)

    ombran MHP (pH 3.5 to pH 14)

    ombran CPS (pH 1.0 to pH 12)

  4. Wide-spread moisture penetration

    In case of wide-spread moisture penetration in concrete and sewer clinker brickwork a permanently swellable pore sealing is achieved through rubbing off the surfaces with a special mineral "powder".

    ombran IW

  5. Damaged flow trench, floor and bench

    Washed out and corroded flow trenches and floors are repaired with highly sulphate-resistant mineral mortars after a bond coat has been applied.

    ombran HB/ombran MHP 15 /ombran MHP