MC-Modeling and Theme Park Mortars

Oxal RM

Special spray mortar for use in wet spray application in accordance with DIN 18551. Chloride-free and frost-resistant. Available in different colourings. Enhancement with microsilica and other additives results in an exceptionally smooth consistency of Oxal RM that makes it extremely easy to apply.

Oxal RM-L for use in normal conditions

Oxal RM-L is suited in particular for delicate works of sculpture, such as artificial rocks, any type of surface texture, plants and even animals. It is characterised by outstanding adhesion (overhead works are no problem), is easy to smooth and stays pliable for an entire day; Depending on ambient temperature/humidity and mixing ratio.

Oxal RM-H for use in high static conditions

Particularly suited for producing constructions that are subject to mechanical and static loading, such as climbing rocks and playground rocks. Its water impermeability and frost-resistance ensure a wide range of application possibilities and ultimate reliability.

Oxal Theme Park Mortar results
Application Properties Layer Thickness Wet Dry Workability Compressive Strength MPa Product

Hand or Spray applied Cementitous Mortar with Long Workability time for Sculpture Making

Medium Build Material o provide sculpture foundation work

5 - 50mm

1.8 kg/L

1.7 kg/L

4 hrs @ 25°C

25 @ 28 Days

MC-MasterPlas RK

Medium Build Material with fine detailing capabilites

5 - 50mm

1.6 kg/L

1.3 kg/L

6 hrs @ 21°C

15 @ 28 Days

MC-MasterPlas MW(F) / MW(S)

High Build Material with fine detailing capabilities

5 - 100mm



6 hrs @ 21°C

12 @ 28 Days

MC-MasterPlas LW

Oxal Theme Park Mortar results